Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Drift in the Wind

Drift In The Wind Sung to the tune of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas     I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the spray is gone All my drops pass before my eyes, oh no – a drift complaint Drift ...Read More

Biopesticides: Holy Grail or Giant Pain?

Biopesticides are a rapidly growing segment in horticultural pest control. While they are often billed as green “miracle cures”, applicators should be aware that they require unique considerations. Issues with lifespan, target specificity, and application technology can all impact their efficacy. However, like any ...Read More

A New Way to Purchase Sprayers

I always await a trade show with excitement. Everyone’s going to be there, showing their latest and greatest. You see old friends. And of course, trade-show food. Every year, I search for the Fiddle Sticks I learned to love in the 80s. They’ve been ...Read More

Arag Microjet Rate Chart

A new variety of Arag microjets is available to ginseng growers. They are an improvement over the older version insofar as they are more easily calibrated and held at a given rate thanks to a lock nut. They are still, however, somewhat finicky when trying ...Read More