Monthly Archive:: December 2015

Spraying Ginseng – A New Way to Spray

Introduction An effective ginseng protection program begins with observing the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process: diagnose the problem, monitor the problem, control the problem, and monitor the results. When spraying is warranted, the operator should understand the basics of application technology. This not only ...Read More

My Sprayer Santa Wish List

Dear Sprayer Santa, “I tried to be good this year.  It was hard, though.  Yes, I know that fast driving causes drift and lots of other problems.  But I couldn’t help it – the 375 horses under the hood needed the exercise.  I honestly ...Read More

Pulse Width Modulation Update

There’s been a lot of talk about rate control in spraying, and one key technology is pulse-width modulated spray systems (PWM). Although PWM has been commercially available for a number of years, we are seeing new products enter the market. This article explains what ...Read More