Monthly Archive:: June 2020

Ragweed Control

When a grower asks two specialists the same question, they can receive skewed (or even contradictory) answers. In this case, however, we were all on the same wave length. The following exchange took place between an Ontario grower with a nozzle/weed question and Jason ...Read More

Don’t try this tempting shortcut

There’s a call that I’ve been getting for 20 years now. It came again this week. Someone has a twincap with two small air-induced tips, and they’re applying herbicides and fungicides with low water volumes, often 5 gpa, sometimes less. They call because they ...Read More

What Nozzle is This? (Field Sprayers)

Us this handy visual guide to identify a mystery nozzle you may find on a field sprayer. We’ve included the most common low-drift nozzles found on North American, European, and Australian sprayers. The list does not contain any conventional flat fan nozzles. It’s in ...Read More