Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.7): Boom Height

It’s a new season of Exploding Sprayer Myths, and we celebrate with a new opening sequence!

In this episode Tom and Jason demonstrate the importance of nozzle spacing, spray angle and boom height. They also turn a hapless pineapple into a projectile and spray dyed antifreeze on a cold winter day.

Learn more about how boom height affects spray deposit uniformity, and why that should concern you, by going here.

This episode was filmed on location at the Syngenta Honeywood Research Facility in Plattsville, Ontario. We thank them for generously allowing us to commandeer their facility and staff for the day.

And of course, none of this would be possible without the talented staff at Real Agriculture. Make sure you tune into RealAg radio.

A little extra fun:

We received this email after a grower heard Tom speak at a meeting. A compelling observation about how nozzle spacing and drift affects men everywhere:

Tom: I really enjoyed your talk in Humboldt yesterday. During the coffee break immediately after, I went to the washroom and noticed 3 guys spread evenly across 5 urinals. Wow. Talk about worrying about spray drift. When I returned to my table and told my wife of my findings, she commented that it must have something to do about the distance to the target, as it couldn’t possibly be that the pressure was too high!