Spraying Ginseng – A New Way to Spray

Timed output test. Prepare to get very wet. Sprayer must be clean and PPE is a must.

Introduction An effective ginseng protection program begins with observing the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process: diagnose the problem, monitor the problem, control the problem, and monitor the results. When spraying is warranted, the operator should understand the basics of application technology. This not only includes the equipment, but the effects of changing spraying parameters (such […]

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What’s my Spray Quality, in 3 Simple Steps

The introduction of dicamba and 2,4-D tolerance traits in corn and soybeans will be accompanied by an unprecedented emphasis on spray drift management by the registrants. We’ve already seen promotion of low-drift nozzles at field days as well as websites dedicated to product stewardship. In addition, product label statements for 2,4-D choline and the new […]

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