Top Sprayer Retrofits

Hypro's Express Nozzle Body End Caps on a short length of stainless boom.

You’ve got an older sprayer. Your neighbours have newer sprayers. For various reasons, you’ve decided against a trade.  How can you still get the benefits that newer sprayers deliver? Let’s explore how to improve your sprayer performance and productivity with strategic component upgrades. Most of the biggest gains will relate to the plumbing, especially filling […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.5): Early Morning Spraying

Should you really get up before the birds to spray? There are a lot of good reasons for early morning and night spraying, but if you’re in a strong inversion, you might be in a world of hurt. Here’s episode 5 in our series of short, educational and irreverent videos made with Real Agriculture.   […]

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