Airblast nozzle bodies

A typical brass roll-over style dual nozzle body with Cap and optional check valve.

Excepting air shear and centrifugal style nozzles, most airblast sprayers employ nozzle bodies distributed evenly along the booms. Nozzle caps compress the nozzle against the body to force the spray mix through the nozzle orifice. Nozzle bodies are not all created equal. Double Outlet Roll-Over Nozzle Bodies Double outlet roll-over bodies (pictured below) allow the […]

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Continuous rinsing for airblast sprayers

Why Rinse? Airblast sprayers are not rinsed as frequently or as diligently as field sprayers. This is primarily because they are not used to spray herbicides, so residue carry-over doesn’t incur an immediately obvious penalty. The typical operator rinses prior to long-term storage or when cross contamination might cause some form of antagonism (e.g. dormant […]

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