Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.IV): Speed Spraying


With due respect to Mickey and Mr. Lucas, and the massive hype surrounding Star Wars Episode VII, we felt we should jump on the bandwagon. Here’s episode IV in our series of short, educational and irreverent videos made with Real Agriculture. If there’s a single take-home message in this episode it’s this: Just because you […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep. 12): The Buffer Zone

In this episode of Exploding Sprayer Myths we reduce a complicated best practice to black and white… literally. Watch as Jason and Tom get a creepy lesson in the do’s and do not’s of no-spray areas. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Jim Todd (OMAFRA Industrial Crops Specialist and Rod Serling cos-player), brace yourself as […]

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An Innovative Re-imagining of the Axial Airblast Fan

On a trip to Mildura, Victoria I met Matthew McWilliams, Director at Interlink Sprayers. His passion for innovation was exciting. He described Interlink’s history of near-annual design improvements, each of which made the last generation of sprayers look a bit passé. Continual improvement means spending a lot of time educating and upgrading customer’s sprayers, but […]

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