Summarizing the pressure/spray relationship

Pressure is integral to nozzle performance. Reducing hydraulic pressure reduces nozzle flow rate, increases median droplet size, and typically reduces spray fan angle. Increasing pressure increases nozzle flow rate, reduces median droplet size and typically increases spray fan angle. You can watch this Exploding Sprayer Myths video to learn how pressure, boom height and nozzle spacing […]

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Loading a Sprayer? Add Time and Patience!

What’s the most underused active ingredient when creating a proper tank mixture in a sprayer? Patience. Spray season is never long enough. The days which are most conducive to spraying are hard to come by. Therefore, the ingredient we need the most when spraying as well as tankmixing is patience. Without it, we are setting ourselves up […]

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Airblast maintenance inspection – the morning walkaround

Adjusting the nozzles on a fishtail-style nursery sprayer.

An airblast sprayer inspection is part of preventative maintenance. This daily activity identifies small problems before they become big ones. You can do it at the filling station, so it’s fairly convenient. Don’t think of it as stealing time from your spray day… it’s part of your spray day. Don’t skip it. If time is […]

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Airblast calibration – clearing up confusion

Here are some nasty disc & cores revealed during a calibration workshop. It certainly explained the poor performance the operator was complaining about. Is it time to replace yours? Photo credit – Dr. H. Zhu, Ohio.

“Sprayer calibration is an important part of any crop protection program.” Everyone says so, so it must be important. But what exactly are they asking you to do, and why? When delivering presentations I often take the opportunity to ask audiences to define airblast sprayer calibration. Their responses cover a wide range of activities that […]

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Tank mix compatibility

This article was co-written with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops In Canada, users of commercial class pest control products for crop protection or vegetation management are permitted to apply unlabeled tank mixes of registered pest control products as long as: Each partner is registered for use on the crop. The tank […]

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