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The Case for Low-Drift Sprays

“Should I be using low-drift nozzles?” It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer. We all want to reduce spray drift, and this easy-to-use technology is the fastest way to get there. And yet, the question is more complicated than it first ...Read More

Drift in the Wind

Drift In The Wind Sung to the tune of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas     I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the spray is gone All my drops pass before my eyes, oh no – a drift complaint Drift ...Read More

Pesticide Drift and Communication

When it comes to information about mitigating pesticide drift, it’s plentiful and easily accessed. I have an archive of >30 articles written by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture staff spanning 1999 to present day. Many are on this website. In fact, there’s so much good ...Read More