Air Induction Nozzles for Airblast

Air induction (aka Venturi) nozzles create coarser droplets that are less prone to spray drift compared to the finer droplets produced by conventional hollow cone nozzles. Spray settles more quickly, producing a briefer and less obvious plume over the operation. This is good when ...Read More

Airblast Nozzle Materials and Wear

Selecting nozzles for a conventional airblast sprayer is not a simple decision. Airblast-applied agrichemicals have become very specific with regards to target and timing and many of the crops traditionally sprayed with an airblast sprayer are being planted in higher densities. Consequently, airblast operators ...Read More

Why does the Pressure Gauge Spike?

This article was co-written with Murray Thiessen, Consulting Agricultural Mechanic. Have you ever see this happen? You finish spraying, you turn off the booms and the pressure gauge briefly spikes off-scale. This is very bad for the gauge and will eventually cause it to fail. The ...Read More