How to Confirm Coverage with Water-Sensitive Paper

It’s nearing the end of a long morning of spraying and you just want to get it done.As the tank empties and you watch the last of the spray cloud waft through the row, you’re thinking about rinsing out and moving on… but did the spray land where you wanted? How do you really know […]

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How to Assess Spray Coverage in Vegetable Crops

Sprayer operators recognize the importance of matching their sprayer settings to the crop to optimize efficacy. For example, spraying a protective fungicide in field tomato should require a different approach from spraying a locally systemic insecticide in staked peppers. Knowing this, many operators make ad hoc changes and then wait to “see if it worked”. […]

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Measuring Spray Coverage – Tips with Tom #8

Tips with Tom - Title

The importance of good spray coverage is emphasized in all kinds of agricultural publications, including product labels. But, according to Tom Wolf, “the labels are remarkably silent on what good coverage actually is and how you can actually measure it.” Tom goes on to explain that spray coverage can be defined using three main criteria: […]

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