28% UAN in Winter Wheat: Drive-Along Diaries #2

I’d been pestering Dan Petker to let me come along as he and his father Paul applied 28% UAN to the winter wheat on their family farm in Port Rowan, Ontario. Me: “Today?”Dan: “Nope – Wheat’s not at the right stage.”Me: “Today?”Dan: “Nope – Rain in the forecast.”Me: “Today?”Dan: “We’ll see if the ground can […]

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Working with an Arborist: Drive-Along Diaries #1

April 23rd, 3:45 am I was excited. Today would be my first in a series of drive-along experiences with Ontario sprayer operators. However, to get from my home in Southwestern Ontario to Newmarket, I would have to cross Toronto. This is not my favourite thing to do. But, Dean Solway, Plant Healthcare Supervisor with Shady […]

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The Drive-Along Diaries: Prologue

I feel it’s important to occasionally remind myself why I do what I do, and who I’m doing it for. With that, let me tell you a story. I was recently asked to give a presentation about spray coverage and drift mitigation to an arborist organization. I agreed but harboured reservations. I’ve given talks of […]

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Basic Sprayer Math Demystified

Stock calculator image.

Sprayer math can be intimidating, but the effort gives solid value. When combined with a calibrated sprayer you reap the following benefits: There are many ways to perform sprayer math, and you need only look to local pesticide safety courses, industrial catalogues, and extension resource centres for examples. If you’re already comfortable with your current method, don’t […]

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Nitrogen Application Technology in Winter Wheat

With an ever growing selection of options for nozzles and streamer bars, many growers are asking the question, what should I outfit my sprayer with for winter wheat liquid fertilizer applications? Well, it depends on what are you trying to accomplish. If the goal is to push your winter wheat management and improve yields, then […]

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