Welcome to Sprayers 101

Welcome to Sprayers 101

Sprayers 101 is a non-profit resource describing best practices in safe, efficient and effective agricultural spraying. The site is based in Canada with content freely contributed by international authors. Browse our library of articles, videos, presentations, apps, calculators, tables and ePubs.

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Our most recent articles:

  • The Economics of Spot Sprays

    The Economics of Spot Sprays

    At first glance, spot sprays are a no-brainer. Why spray a whole field when you can save product by spraying just the weeds? But then the first commercial green-on-green systems introduced user fees, complicating the cost equation. Companies sell the hardware, and charge a fee for use of their detection algorithms. Currently, costs range from…

  • Closed Transfer Systems

    Closed Transfer Systems

    This article was co-authored by Mick Roberts (Owner/Editor of Pro Operator Magazine) with significant contributions from Jan Langenakens (Principal at AAMS) and thanks to insightful communications with both users and manufacturers of CTS. What is a Closed Transfer System? Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) permit the direct transfer of pesticides from container to sprayer while isolating…

  • Greeneye makes impressive debut

    Greeneye makes impressive debut

    Green-on-green sprayer competes with Blue River and Bilberry One distinguishing feature of the new agriculture is the rapid development of new technologies. Ideas move from concept to implementation at record pace, helped by an influx of talent and capital into this profitable sector. Greeneye Technology is an example of this pace. Founded by entrepreneurs who…

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  • How Fast Should I Drive My Sprayer?

    How Fast Should I Drive My Sprayer?

    It seems simple: The faster you drive the sprayer, the more area you cover. This makes higher travel speeds a seductive method for improving productivity. Sprayer manufacturers knew this 25 years ago when pull-type sprayers first received bigger, suspended outrigger wheels. Since then they’ve delivered more powerful engines, better hydraulic motors, smoother suspension and cruise…

  • Selecting the Right Water Volume

    Selecting the Right Water Volume

    Low water volumes can mean less effort to apply pesticides. But there is a limit to how low water volumes can go before problems appear. To understand the reasons why, and help applicators use the right volume for a given situation, we briefly outline what happens to a spray cloud as it reaches the crop canopy. Basic Principles…

  • Four Rules of Nozzle Selection

    Four Rules of Nozzle Selection

    Nozzle choice can be overwhelming due to the large selection available from many suppliers.  But nozzles are the most important part of the sprayer, being responsible for metering the liquid, atomizing it into droplets, and distributing it across the boom. Review this list for what’s available, then follow these general recommendations. 1. Choose a Coarse…