Welcome to Sprayers 101

Welcome to Sprayers 101

Sprayers 101 is a non-profit resource describing best practices in safe, efficient and effective agricultural spraying. The site is based in Canada with content freely contributed by international authors. Browse our library of articles, videos, presentations, apps, calculators, tables and ePubs.

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  • Airblast Nozzles – Distributing Flow

    Airblast Nozzles – Distributing Flow

    There’s a certain deer-in-headlights expression that creeps onto a sprayer operator’s face when we discuss nozzle selection. We sympathize with our field sprayer clients given the variety of brands, styles, flow rates and spray qualities they must choose from. And PWM has made the process even more complex. However, airblast operators face an additional challenge; Unlike […]

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  • Airblast sprayers for small operations

    Airblast sprayers for small operations

    Did you come here looking for advice on which sprayer is best for your small operation? Are you looking to ditch the backpack mist blower? Do you want to avoid repeatedly mounting and dismounting a 3-pt hitch sprayer from your only tractor? Are you concerned you’ll have to sell an organ to be able to […]

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  • Air-Assisted Boom Sprayers

    Air-Assisted Boom Sprayers

    Air-assisted boom sprayers have been around since the 70s. More common in Europe than North America, they have demonstrated value in mitigating drift and improving canopy penetration. The majority of air-assist systems are found on three-point-hitch or trailed sprayers, which is fine (and perhaps even preferable) as long as clearance, travel speed and acreage aren’t […]

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  • Rate Controllers and Spray Pressure

    Rate Controllers and Spray Pressure

    Automatic rate controllers are standard equipment on almost all new sprayers. They ensure consistent application volumes, but they don’t do all the thinking for you.  We explore how to make them work properly. A rate controller needs to know the boom width (entered by the user), the total spray liquid flow rate (from a flow […]

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  • Cleaning Your Sprayer

    Cleaning Your Sprayer

    We all know the importance of cleaning out a sprayer. It protects a sensitive crop. It protects people working with the sprayer. It protects the sprayer and its components. But cleaning the sprayer is a pain. Here are some tips to make it easier. Some herbicide label instructions are cumbersome, requiring many flushes with full […]

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  • Four Rules of Nozzle Selection

    Four Rules of Nozzle Selection

    Nozzle choice can be overwhelming due to the large selection available from many suppliers. ┬áBut nozzles are the most important part of the sprayer, being responsible for metering the liquid, atomizing it into droplets, and distributing it across the boom. Review this list for what’s available, then follow these general recommendations. 1. Choose a Coarse […]

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