Closed Transfer Systems

This article was co-authored by Mick Roberts (Owner/Editor of Pro Operator Magazine) with significant contributions from Jan Langenakens (Principal at AAMS) and thanks to insightful communications with both users and manufacturers of CTS. What is a Closed Transfer System? Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) permit the direct transfer of pesticides from container to sprayer while isolating […]

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RPAS Coverage and Drift in Field Corn

This work was performed with Mark Ledebuhr (Application Insight LLC.), Adrian Rivard (Drone Spray Canada) and Adam Pfeffer (Bayer Crop Science – funding partner). Amy Shi is gratefully acknowledged for her assistance with statistical analysis. Introduction In June 2017, Transport Canada cleared the general use of drones. In 2018, Health Canada clarified that the use […]

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Calibrating a Plot Sprayer for Airblast Crops

The calibration of handheld plot sprayers is an important part of agricultural research, and this article already covers all the bases… as long as you are spraying broadacre or row crops. But what happens when you are trying to emulate an airblast sprayer and treating a tree, bush, cane or vine? The key difference is […]

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Airblast Nozzles – Distributing Flow

There’s a certain deer-in-headlights expression that creeps onto a sprayer operator’s face when we discuss nozzle selection. We sympathize with our field sprayer clients given the variety of brands, styles, flow rates and spray qualities they must choose from. And PWM has made the process even more complex. However, airblast operators face an additional challenge; Unlike […]

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Airblast sprayers for small operations

The Carrarospray ATVM (200 L pictured)

Did you come here looking for advice on which sprayer is best for your small operation? Are you looking to ditch the backpack mist blower? Do you want to avoid repeatedly mounting and dismounting a 3-pt hitch sprayer from your only tractor? Are you concerned you’ll have to sell an organ to be able to […]

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