Articles written by Jason Deveau (Spray_Guy)

Selecting a Sprayer Pump

When I had to replace a pump on a small scale sprayer, I had a lot of questions about how they worked, their capacities, hose sizes, mounting solutions and fittings. I turned to the Pentair Hypro Shurflo catalog and found a very helpful guide ...Read More

Sprayer Wheel Maintenance

This article was co-written with Murray Thiessen, Consulting Agricultural Mechanic. Sprayer wheel assemblies should be cleaned and inspected as part of regular annual maintenance. Wheel bearing maintenance before long-term storage may prevent water from corroding the bearings. The exploded diagram details the parts found in a ...Read More

Oh the Places You’ll Spray

In the home farm’s west field, where the soybeans won’t grow, and the wind blows the soil from deep tillage you know, and no pollinators come, excepting old crows is the patch of resistant pigweed. And downhill in the boundary, some neighbours say, if ...Read More