Airblast 101 – A Handbook of Best Practices in Airblast Spraying

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The Airblast 101 Handook won the 2016 Canadian Agri-Marketing Association’s “Certificate of Merit” in the Special Publications Category.


It’s been brought to my attention that there was an error in the book. Well, in fact there were a few, but this one is mathematical and has significant bearing. For those that already own the book, please download and print a replacement for page 107 or 112 in ENGLISH or in FRENCH. We have already updated the digital versions for those downloading the ebooks or PDF for the first time. Apologies for any issues this error may have caused.

What is Airblast 101?


Airblast 101 is a handbook that describes best practices in airblast spraying in clear, conversational language. With more than 200 full-colour illustrations and 200 pages of content, Airblast 101 takes the reader from adjusting airblast settings for the first spray of the season all the way to winterizing the sprayer at the end of the season.

Who is this book for?

Perhaps you’re an airblast sprayer veteran looking to refresh your understanding or squeeze a bit more efficiency out of your applications. Perhaps you’re new to airblast spraying and need foundational information. Maybe you’re a farm manager, a government regulator, an agricultural extension specialist, an agrichemical sales representative or an academic researcher. No matter your occupation, if you want to learn more about airblast spraying, there’s something in this book for you!


What’s in the book?

This is the fourth edition of this handbook. The scope has grown a lot over the years, but it has always focussed on three central themes:

  1. Understanding the forces that influence droplet behaviour.
  2. How to optimize airblast sprayers to match the target and minimize waste.
  3. How to diagnose spray coverage and make changes to improve it.

How can I get a copy?

You can download a digital copy right here for free!

If you’d like to view the Handbook as an interactive pdf on your desktop, select English or French from this table:

If you want an eBook for your Apple or Android tablet, select English or French from this table. It works better on tablets, but in a pinch it will be viewable on smartphones. Please note, when you touch this link using a portable device it will appear nothing is happening. This is a large file, so please be patient and stay on the webpage until the screen changes and gives you an option.

For Apple, agree to open the file in iBooks.
For Android, we recommend you download the Kobo Books eReader. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Kobo Books eReader
  2. Make an account with them (it’s free and easy)
  3. Download a copy of the Handbook (below)
  4. Click on the upper left corner (3 horizontal lines)
  5. Choose “All Items”
  6. On that screen, click on the upper right corner (3 vertical dots)
  7. Choose “Import Items”
  8. Choose “Start”
  9. The eBook file should show up on the list, you can un-check and other books you don’t want to import into the reader
  10. Choose “Import Selected”

Do you have these in print?

Yes, we have a limited number of printed versions that we can arrange to ship on request. They are ring-bound with a wrap-around water-resistant cover and are printed on a high-quality glossy stock. They’re hardy enough for a tractor cab and nice enough for a book shelf.

In order to recover costs, we have to charge $30.00 CAD for the printed versions, plus shipping. If you’d like to arrange to have a copy (or copies) sent to you, please contact



Thanks to everyone that helped create this Handbook. That’s everyone that allowed me to learn from them, everyone that let me test new methods on their farms, and everyone that contributed to, edited and encouraged the content. A big thanks to Growing Forward 2 and AdFarm who brought it to life.