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About the book

Airblast101 began in 2010 as a classroom-based workshop for Ontario’s airblast sprayer operators. It was intended as a primer and decision-support tool for operators to become safer, more effective and more efficient.

After several iterations, the first textbook edition was made freely available in 2015 as an eBook, or at cost in hard copy. It won the 2016 Canadian Agri-Marketing Association’s “Certificate of Merit” in the Special Publications Category. While never really intended for a global audience, well over a thousand copies of the first edition were circulated worldwide.

This response led us to develop a more globally-applicable version. Now, entirely reworked, this second edition explores international best practices, describes new equipment, and explains the physics of spraying. It is an invaluable resource for farmers, equipment manufacturers, researchers, regulators, consultants, agrichemical companies and educators in the field of agricultural spraying.


Air-assist sprayer design continues to evolve and diversify. With this new edition we’ve broadened the scope to include international air-assist designs, techniques and cropping systems. 


We’ve kept the tone conversational and relied heavily on illustration and real-world examples to make physics and engineering concepts accessible.


Co-authored by US sprayer specialist Mark Ledebuhr (Application Insight LLC) with contributions by NZ sprayer specialist Dr. David Manktelow (Applied Research and Technologies Ltd) and reviewed by Dr. Tom Wolf (Agrimetrix Research & Training).

Learn more about:

  1. The forces that influence air and spray droplet behaviour.
  2. Configuring any air-assist sprayer to optimize coverage and minimize waste.
  3. Evaluating spray coverage and improving your spraying strategy.
Let Turbulent Eddy and Laminar Flo be your guides to better spraying.

Softcover version of the book.


Please note that as of May 2021 we have uploaded a new version to correct an error on page 69 where text describing “Ultra Coarse” droplets was missing and on page 205 where the wrong units were used in the second formula.


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