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Don’t try this tempting shortcut

There’s a call that I’ve been getting for 20 years now. It came again this week. Someone has a twincap with two small air-induced tips, and they’re applying herbicides and fungicides with low water volumes, often 5 gpa, sometimes less. They call because they ...Read More

Should I use dual angle sprays?

When wheat rears its head, that age-old question comes back around: Should I configure my boom for dual angle spraying? Which nozzle or nozzle arrangement is best? Let’s begin with a graphic that illustrates how angled sprays cover a vertical target like a wheat ...Read More

Mode of Action and Spray Quality

The decision on application method for herbicides boils down to two main factors: (a) target type and (b) mode of action. In general, broadleaf plants are easier to target and wet due to their comparatively large target (leaf) size and their high wettability. There ...Read More