Spraying from Seven to Seven -or- Drop Pipes Next Season

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We were long overdue for a new classic rock parody, so we decided to re-tackle one of the greatest rock ballads ever written. With the ongoing success of drop pipes (aka drop arms, drop legs, etc.) in corn, we’re promoting directed spraying in verse. If you’d like to read more about the research, check out this article, and this one too. Farmtario also wrote a nice summary from one of our 2022 demos.

So, this was a tough one, but we feel good about how we laminated a new message over Zeppelin’s tricky cadence and rhymes. It helps if you play the actual song as you read. Rock on:

There’s a grower who’s sure
all corn glitters like gold
and he’s spraying from seven to seven.

When he’s done, then he knows
that the products he chose
will handle the pests that he sprayed for.

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And he’s spraying from seven to seven.

He sees signs on them all
but he wants to be sure
‘cause he knows bug poop means that they’re feeding.

So, he stops for a look
spits and wipes as he should
sometimes all of his thoughts are misgivings.

Ooh, it makes him wonder
Ooh, it makes him wonder

There’s a feeling he gets
when the silks seem too wet
and his scouting is slowly revealing.

In his fields he has seen
in the irrigation rings
that tarspot’s in the plot where he’s standing.

Ooh, it makes him wonder
Ooh, it really makes him wonder

Maybe he sprayed the corn too soon
Or too late, it could be too
‘cause the timing defies common reason.

And he goes back in the dawn
to see what else has gone wrong
and his checks echo pests that he’s after.

Oh whoa-whoa-whoa, oh-oh

If there’s cutworm in your corn row, don’t be alarmed now.
It may have been coverage or timing.

But there’s a new way, you can spray now, and in the long run
there’s time to change the for the next season.

And it makes him wonder
Oh, whoa

Overhead spraying is a no-go
in case you don’t know
drop pipes are calling you to try them.

Diseases come in when the wind blows
but did you know
drop pipes cover stalks from end-to-end.

So, as you drive on down the row
overhead spray just won’t go
deep into targets, we all know
are hard to hit deep down below.

Next year he can still have gold.
Using drop pipes isn’t hard.
Coverage will come to him at last.

Quick to mount, one and all, yeah
They barely rock as sprayers roll

And he’s using drops from seven to seven.