Recirculating Boom Options

If you read this site, you know we’re fans of recirculating booms. We love them for three reasons: If you’re new to the concept of recirculating booms, read more here. Until recently, these booms were only available on sprayers imported from outside North America (Horsch, Amazone, Agrifac to mention three), or via France’s Pommier booms […]

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Beluga Drop Hoses in Corn: Utility and Return on Investment

In 2019 we evaluated the spray coverage from nine application methods on corn silks. The results showed that a directed application from drop hoses (aka drop pipes, drop legs) suspended in between the rows gave significantly higher deposits. The results led us to wonder if the superior coverage from a directed application translated to improved […]

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The Return of the Trade Show

No matter where you live, it’s been a long time since the last “normal” ag trade show. The pandemic forced a break in this long-standing tradition, and it wasn’t easy. Trade shows are an integral part of doing farm business. At a time when there are fewer equipment dealers offering a lower diversity of makes, […]

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Tank mix compatibility

This article was co-written with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops What is Tank Mixing? Tank mixing is the practice of combining multiple registered agricultural products in the sprayer tank for application in a single pass. The Pros of Tank Mixing The Cons of Tank Mixing Tank mixing requires caution and careful […]

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Spraying from Seven to Seven -or- Drop Pipes Next Season

We were long overdue for a new classic rock parody, so we decided to re-tackle one of the greatest rock ballads ever written. With the ongoing success of drop pipes (aka drop arms, drop legs, etc.) in corn, we’re promoting directed spraying in verse. If you’d like to read more about the research, check out […]

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