Soil Drench Applications in Strawberries

The soil probe. See how far water infiltrates soil by taking core samples.

Article co-written with Pam Fisher, former OMAFRA Berry Crop Specialist, and Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA Soil Management Specialist In 2013, A few strawberry growers were asked what spray volume they used to apply routine pesticides. The results ranged from 250 to 650 l/ha (26.7 to 69.5 US g/ac) for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Miticide applications were as high […]

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Fungicide Application Basics

Fungicide use appears to be the fastest growing segment of North American crop protection.  Here is some advice on how to get the best bang for the buck. Timing is the most important part of fungicide application. Diseases can develop and spread quickly.  Most fungicides cannot cure a disease infection, they can only protect against […]

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How Fast Should I Drive My Sprayer?

It seems simple: The faster you drive the sprayer, the more area you cover. This makes higher travel speeds a seductive method for improving productivity. Sprayer manufacturers knew this 25 years ago when pull-type sprayers first received bigger, suspended outrigger wheels. Since then they’ve delivered more powerful engines, better hydraulic motors, smoother suspension and cruise […]

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Water Sensitive Paper for Assessing Spray Coverage

Water Sensitive Paper Water-sensitive paper is a useful tool for assessing spray coverage.  Here are a few tips for making it work for you. Water-sensitive paper is manufactured by a number of companies, including Syngenta, Spot On, and WS Paper and is available for purchase (see here for comparisons). The papers are a useful tool […]

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Selecting the Right Water Volume

JD 4940

Low water volumes can mean less effort to apply pesticides. But there is a limit to how low water volumes can go before problems appear. To understand the reasons why, and help applicators use the right volume for a given situation, we briefly outline what happens to a spray cloud as it reaches the crop canopy. Basic Principles […]

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