The Economics of Spot Sprays

At first glance, spot sprays are a no-brainer. Why spray a whole field when you can save product by spraying just the weeds? But then the first commercial green-on-green systems introduced user fees, complicating the cost equation. Companies sell the hardware, and charge a fee for use of their detection algorithms. Currently, costs range from […]

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Greeneye makes impressive debut

Green-on-green sprayer competes with Blue River and Bilberry One distinguishing feature of the new agriculture is the rapid development of new technologies. Ideas move from concept to implementation at record pace, helped by an influx of talent and capital into this profitable sector. Greeneye Technology is an example of this pace. Founded by entrepreneurs who […]

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Calibrating a Plot Sprayer

It’s the rite of passage of many agricultural summer students across the world: applying experimental treatments to field plots using a research sprayer. The results of these experiments may be the basis of new product use registrations, or provide clues into future scientific studies. Needless to say, the application method needs to be bullet proof […]

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Mode of Action and Spray Quality

The decision on which application method is best for herbicides boils down to two main factors: (a) target type and (b) mode of action. In general, it’s easier for sprays to stick to broadleaf plants on account of their comparatively larger leaf size and better wettability compared to grassy plants. There are exceptions, of course […]

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Drone Sprayers – Are we Ready?

One of the fastest moving new agricultural technologies is spray drones. Hardly a month goes by without some sort of new capability, some new features. It’s truly an exciting space to watch. As with all things, there are good news and bad news to share. First the good news. Drone capacity is on the rise. […]

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