Greeneye makes impressive debut

Green-on-green sprayer competes with Blue River and Bilberry One distinguishing feature of the new agriculture is the rapid development of new technologies. Ideas move from concept to implementation at record pace, helped by an influx of talent and capital into this profitable sector. Greeneye Technology is an example of this pace. Founded by entrepreneurs who […]

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Spray Patterns for Spot Sprays

Spot spraying promises to dramatically cut herbicide use. Data from Green-on-Brown (GoB) sprays suggest at least 50% and possibly 90% savings are possible, depending on weed density and the system employed. These savings are significant. But system performance depends on the nozzle selection even more than for broadcast sprays. What are the issues? Pattern Width […]

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Optical Spot Spraying and AI Scouting

Site-specific treatments have long been a goal in agriculture. It makes sense to provide inputs or treatments at rates that reflect the local situation. And to a large degree, those capabilities have been available for fertility and seed inputs for some time, with input zones reflecting soil types or topography. But the sprayer world has […]

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