Greeneye makes impressive debut

Green-on-green sprayer competes with Blue River and Bilberry One distinguishing feature of the new agriculture is the rapid development of new technologies. Ideas move from concept to implementation at record pace, helped by an influx of talent and capital into this profitable sector. Greeneye Technology is an example of this pace. Founded by entrepreneurs who […]

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Avoiding Skips from PWM Sprayers

Does this sound familiar? “This year was the first year we used a growth regulator on our wheat. After heading, we noticed a wavy pattern of different plant heights between 30 and 45° to the operating direction. It was only a couple inches difference and was difficult to photograph. We sprayed 12 gpa at 9 […]

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How to Size a Nozzle for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

PWM is gaining popularity, and there is an ever-increasing number of first-time users that need to make nozzle selections for their system. We’ve written about it here, here, and here. Recall the PWM replaces spray pressure with Duty Cycle (DC) of a pulsing solenoid as the primary means of controlling nozzle flow. The solenoid shuts […]

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Broadcast Boom Nozzle Spacing

North American built boom sprayers have nozzle spacings of 20” (50 cm in the rest of the world), but other spacings such as 15” (37 cm) and 10” (25 cm) also exist. What are the reasons for these alternative spacings and do they offer any inherent advantages? Why spacing matters Nozzles are spaced along a […]

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Rate Controllers and a Pulse Width Modulation Update

There’s been a lot of talk about rate control in spraying, and one key technology is pulse-width modulated spray systems (PWM). Although PWM has been commercially available for a number of years, we are seeing new products enter the market. This article explains what PWM is and how to make it work in a spray […]

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