A New Way to Purchase Sprayers

I always await a trade show with excitement. Everyone’s going to be there, showing their latest and greatest. You see old friends. And of course, trade-show food. Every year, I search for the Fiddle Sticks I learned to love in the 80s. They’ve been replaced by the Pocket Dawg, it seems. Not the same. Touring […]

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Capstan Calibration Chart (with Pressure Drop)

Pulse-width Modulated flow control allows you to change travel speed by a factor of about five without a change in spray pressure.  This chart shows which nozzle flow rates to use. Note the significant pressure drop across the Capstan solenoid.  This value must be added to the cab spray pressure, as explained here. Capstan Tip […]

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Measuring Pressure Drop

All sprayers experience a drop in pressure as the solution moves further away from the pump.  Here’s why that’s important, and how to measure it. Optimal nozzle operation in terms of spray quality and fan angle is closely tied to spray pressure.  As we try to maximize travel speed range with a modern sprayer, we […]

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Pulse Width Modulation

Case AIM Command

Note:  This article was written before significant changes occurred in the marketplace in 2016. While it still explains how the system works, a more current account can be found here. Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) refers to a method for controlling the flow rate of fluids.  How does it work?  Does it have a fit on your farm? […]

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