Canopy Management for Improved Airblast Coverage

Managing the canopy of any perennial crop (e.g. pruning, hedging, leaf stripping, etc.) is an important consideration. The benefits are manifold: It affects the health of the plant, the quantity and the quality of the yield. It allows light and air to circulate and it keeps the crop manageable. From the perspective of an airblast […]

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Does Higher Pressure Increase Spray Penetration?

This is a coarse droplet - seriously.

A very common question we hear at sprayer demonstrations is: “I want to drive the spray deeper into the canopy – does higher pressure help?” Well, here’s the classic government answer: “…yes and no.” It depends on two things. First, the size of the droplet and second, your tolerance for drift (ours is almost zero, […]

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An Adventure in Public Speaking

In 2016 I was invitedĀ to present at the 40th annual Tomato Days conference in Southern Ontario. Winter is a very busy time for those of us working in agricultural extension and we’re more likely to be on the road speaking to growers than in the office. This was one of those talks where I knew […]

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Selecting the Right Water Volume

JD 4940

Low water volumes can mean less effort to apply pesticides. But there is a limit to how low water volumes can go before problems appear. To understand the reasons why, and help applicators use the right volume for a given situation, we briefly outline what happens to a spray cloud as it reaches the crop canopy. Basic Principles […]

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