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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.8): Volume

In this episode of Exploding Sprayer Myths, Tom and Jason lay out four steps to determining the most appropriate spray volume required to achieve good coverage. Understand how the product works Understand the target Understand droplet behaviour Understand the plant canopy Joined by Syngenta’s show-stealing ...Read More

Deciding on the Right Way to Spray

“What is the right way to apply this pesticide?” It’s one of the classic questions. Applicators know that spray method determines the efficacy of the application as well as its environmental impact. And it has to use time and water resources efficiently to make ...Read More

Calibrate Airblast Output

Airblast operators have to know the volume of spray mix their airblast sprayers emit for a given area. Generally, this is referred to in L/ha or US g/ac. This information must be recorded to comply with traceability requirements (e.g. CanadaGAP) and to ensure they are ...Read More

Selecting the Right Water Volume

Low water volumes can mean less effort to apply pesticides. But there is a limit to how low water volumes can go before problems appear. To understand the reasons why, and help applicators use the right volume for a given situation, we briefly outline what ...Read More