Sprayer Turn Compensation

Turn compensation is a feature in pulse width modulation (PWM) sprayers in which nozzle output matches the boom’s speed during a turn. When turning, the inside and outside of a boom travel at different speeds, resulting in over-dosing on the inside and under-dosing on the outside. Read about PWM systems here, here, and here. The […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.7): Boom Height

It’s a new season of Exploding Sprayer Myths so we’ve got a new opening sequence! In this episode we demonstrate the importance of nozzle spacing, spray angle and boom height. We also turn a hapless pineapple into a projectile and spray dyed antifreeze on a cold winter day. Learn more about how boom height affects […]

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Boom Collisions on Twitter

An interesting technology recently came to our attention. The Horsch BoomSight detects potential obstacles and as the sprayer passes it raises the boom to avoid the impact. We figured it was worthy of a tweet, which read: @Spray_Guy:Ever accidentally hit something with your boom?<35 km/h, perhaps the Horsch BoomSight can help:http://bit.ly/2j6ShBx Now, when you tweet […]

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Selecting the Right Sprayer Boom Height – Tips with Tom #5

Tips with Tom - Title

What’s the right choice for nozzle fan angle? 80 degrees or 110 degrees? This question leads us to boom height. How do we select the right boom height? Nozzle fan angle does play a role, but so does the type of sprayer you run and, more importantly, the height that creates the best overlap pattern. […]

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The Perfect Sprayer Boom for Ginseng?

The improved drop arm

In 2013 we ran a sprayer coverage demonstration in a ginseng garden in Norfolk County, Ontario. The goal was to encourage growers to reconsider their spray operation with an eye to coverage. We performed a down-and-dirty comparison between simple disc-core nozzles and the considerably more expensive Arag Microjets. Opinions were mixed, but we were confident the […]

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