Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.8): Volume

In this episode of Exploding Sprayer Myths, we lay out four steps to determining the most appropriate spray volume required to achieve good coverage. Understand how the product works Understand the target Understand droplet behaviour Understand the plant canopy Joined by Syngenta’s show-stealing Dr. Doug Baumann, and with the help of a lot of caffeine, we […]

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Deciding on the Right Way to Spray

“What is the right way to apply this pesticide?” It’s one of the classic questions. Applicators know that spray method determines the efficacy of the application as well as its environmental impact. And it has to use time and water resources efficiently to make sense. To answer the question properly, we need to take things […]

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Fungicide Application in Cereal, Pulse, and Oilseed Crops

Get ready for a busy fungicide season. If your growing conditions have been good, your crop is dense and vigorous, and soil moisture is adequate, you have yield potential to protect.  A bit of moisture and warm temperatures at a critical time, and disease is likely to develop. Before we delve into how to apply fungicides, […]

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The Case for Low-Drift Sprays

This article was written by Tom Wolf for “PEI Potato News Magazine”, a publication of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board (http://peipotato.org/). It is reprinted with permission. PEI Potato News Magazine “Should I be using low-drift nozzles?” It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer. We all want to reduce spray drift, and […]

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Spray Quality and Volume Matrix

We often write about how valuable water sensitive paper can be to visualize and assess the coverage we’re getting from a specific application method.  A handy reference is this matrix that combines both factors.  Print it and use it in the field to compare what your application method is doing to these relative standards.  On average, […]

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