Boom Sprayers Articles

Why does the Pressure Gauge Spike?

This article was co-written with Murray Thiessen, Consulting Agricultural Mechanic. Have you ever see this happen? You finish spraying, you turn off the booms and the pressure gauge briefly spikes off-scale. This is very bad for the gauge and will eventually cause it to fail. The ...Read More

Pulse Width Modulation

Note:  This article was written before significant changes occurred in the marketplace in 2016. While it still explains how the system works, a more current account can be found here. Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) refers to a method for controlling the flow rate of fluids.  How ...Read More

Rate Controllers and Spray Pressure

Automatic rate controllers are standard equipment on almost all new sprayers. They ensure consistent application volumes, but they don’t do all the thinking for you.  We explore how to make them work properly. A rate controller needs to know the boom width (entered by ...Read More

Selecting the Right Water Volume

Low water volumes can mean less effort to apply pesticides. But there is a limit to how low water volumes can go before problems appear. To understand the reasons why, and help applicators use the right volume for a given situation, we briefly outline what ...Read More

Cleaning Your Sprayer

We all know the importance of cleaning out a sprayer. It protects a sensitive crop. It protects people working with the sprayer. It protects the sprayer and its components. But cleaning the sprayer is a pain. Here are some tips to make it easier. ...Read More