Operator Safety: How to Avoid Pesticide Hazards

Pesticide Warning Symbols

A Veteran Applicator’s Questions about Pesticide Handling Time and again, after years of working with dozens of different chemicals, I would wonder to myself “How dangerous is this chemical?”, “Is glyphosate as safe as they say it is?”, “How do I find out what type of safety gear I need while handling this chemical?” Beyond the agrichemical […]

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Debunking Sprayer Myths

Reproduced from an article written by Angela Lovell for Grainews, 2014 “The fundamental challenge of spraying is that it’s a compromise game,” said Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix Research and Training. “As operators and advisors we need to always balance the opposite needs of coverage, efficacy and drift.” Wolf, in a presentation at the recent Manitoba […]

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Increase Sprayer Productivity Without Driving Faster

Timing trumps most things in crop protection. A great spray applied at the wrong time isn’t nearly as valuable as a mediocre spray at the right time. So how do we improve our ability to get things done at the right time? Often, we try to win races by driving faster. In our last article, […]

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