The pressure/spray/coverage relationship

Pressure is integral to nozzle performance. Reducing hydraulic pressure reduces nozzle flow rate, increases median droplet size, and typically reduces spray fan angle. Increasing pressure increases nozzle flow rate, reduces median droplet size and typically increases spray fan angle. You can watch this Exploding Sprayer Myths video to learn how pressure, boom height and nozzle spacing […]

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How Do Hydraulic Low-Drift Nozzles Work?

Low drift nozzles have become the standard way to apply pesticides from a boom sprayer. In order to use them properly, we need to understand how they are designed and how they are intended to work. Sprayer nozzles have three functions on a sprayer. Metering flow Atomizing liquid Distributing liquid uniformly Accurate metering of the […]

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Does Higher Pressure Increase Spray Penetration?

This is a coarse droplet - seriously.

A very common question we hear at sprayer demonstrations is: “I want to drive the spray deeper into the canopy – does higher pressure help?” Well, here’s the classic government answer: “…yes and no.” It depends on two things. First, the size of the droplet and second, your tolerance for drift (ours is almost zero, […]

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The Pressure Gauge Shows More Than Pressure

A sick pressure gauge might be trying to tell you something...

Kim Blagborne (formally with Slimline Manufacturing) has long said that the pressure gauge on an airblast sprayer indicates more than just pressure. It can be used to diagnose a number of pump and plumbing issues… if you know what to look for. Here’s Kim’s troubleshooting guide to reading into what your gauge is REALLY telling […]

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The Case for Low-Drift Sprays

This article was written by Tom Wolf for “PEI Potato News Magazine”, a publication of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board ( It is reprinted with permission. PEI Potato News Magazine “Should I be using low-drift nozzles?” It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer. We all want to reduce spray drift, and […]

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