Nozzle Selection Pointers

Changing nozzle

 Nozzle choice can be overwhelming due to the large selection available from many suppliers.  But nozzles are the most important part of the sprayer, being responsible for metering the liquid, atomizing it into droplets, and distributing it across the boom. Review this list for what’s available, then follow these general recommendations. 1. Choose a Coarse […]

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Nozzle Choice

Nozzle Turret

There are more nozzles than ever on the market.  We’ve divided the nozzles into categories and briefly described them in the following tables. Nozzle Choices, Pressures and Volume Recommendations [tabs][tab title=”Conventional Flat Fans”] Conventional Flat Fans *fine *****coarse[divider] Nozzle Model[divider] Smallest Size Available[divider] Min (Target) Pressure (psi)[divider] Relative Droplet Size[divider] Minimum Volume (gpa)[divider] Albuz AXI […]

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