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Canada, like most of the world, is officially Metric. Our American friends are US Imperial. It sounds very cut and dried, doesn’t it?

Anyone that’s tried to calibrate a sprayer in Canada quickly discovers that we’re really a horrible amalgam of the two systems. Our sprayers and nozzles often hail from the states, and that means US Imperial. Our pesticide labels hail from Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, and that means Metric

And so, when speaking with applicators about their sprayer practices, we’re often treated to mind-rending sentences like:

Well, I drive 12 mph, spraying about 150 L/ha and my pressure is about 40 psi. How many ml/min should my nozzles emit for a product that wants 6 oz/acre acid equivalent?

Cue the quiet sobbing…

Well, your smoking calculators are in for a treat! In a fit of frustration we created the ultimate set of conversion tables that should set you right for almost any Imperial/Metric emergency! Find one we missed –We DARE you! (update: Tip of the hat to D. Wiens of Saskatchewan, who found one! We added it.)

Simply find your current units in the left-hand column. Then find the units you are converting to in the upper row. Now multiply by the conversion figure where they intersect in the table.

Yes, they’re ugly, but they’re absolutely complete! If the tiny ones are too tiny to read, right click and download the image so you can zoom in. It’s a limitation of this website that we can’t make them larger.