Adjuvants in the Airblast Tank

Spray adjuvants are tank mix additives that either physically or chemically influence the efficacy, consistency or safety of pesticides. For example, adjuvants can improve the handling characteristics of a spray solution (e.g. water conditioners, de-foamers, emulsifiers). They can improve uptake into a target plant and/or improve the amount of contact between spray droplet and target […]

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The Agitation over Agitation

Sprayers101 recently received a couple of seemingly unrelated questions about airblast sprayers: What are the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical versus hydraulic agitation? Why would someone want a stainless tank versus the cheaper poly or fiberglass options? Recognizing that each manufacturer has their own reasons for the features and materials used in their sprayers, we […]

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Plumbing Projects That Make Spraying Easier and Safer

Some of our biggest struggles in spraying involve the start and end of each spray day. When starting a new field after the sprayer is cleaned, we need to prime the boom. If it’s full of water, that water has to be purged and the question is always for how long and where to do […]

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Storing Pesticide Mix Overnight

JD 4940

Not being able to finish a tank due to weather or any other reason happens to just about everyone. Is it OK to simply leave the sprayer as is, and resume spraying later after some agitation? In many cases, the answer is yes. Most pesticide mixtures are stable in short term storage. On resuming spraying, an agitation […]

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Evaluating an Anti-Drift Adjuvant in an Airblast Sprayer

Most pesticides are either pre-formulated with the required adjuvants, or the label specifies their addition. However, compelling claims by manufacturers create interest in tank mixing additional adjuvants to improve some aspect of pesticide performance. In a previous article we advised caution when using adjuvants in airblast sprayers (see here). Specifically, we stated that unless an adjuvant has been tested with airblast equipment, […]

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