A.I. Pressure!

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A.I. Pressure!

Sung to the tune of “Under Pressure” by Queen

Pushing down on spray
Heading down the boom
(movin’ so far)

Under pressure
It brings the droplets down
Splits a canopy in two
Puts product on leaves

More P S I
More P S I
Or bar works
Or bar works
That’s okay!

It’s a terror not knowing
what pressure’s about
Watchin’ the product
come dribblin’ out

Rate controllers:
set them higher
Pressure-up nozzles,
it’s what A.I needs

Set A.I. high
>fifty P S I

Drivin’ around
got my pedal to the floor
But when I slow
it doesn’t spray, but it pours

Pressure makes spray
from Air Induction OK!