Choosing Nozzles for Diverse Applications – Tips with Tom #3

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After running through your sprayer’s routine maintenance, it’s time to assess the suitability of its nozzles for upcoming applications, and, let’s face it, that decision can be pretty complicated. Besides the typical competition between manufacturers, you also have to consider spray quality. Do you want coarse droplets? Fine droplets? Air induction nozzles? Twin-fan nozzles? How many gallons of water will you need per acre? Are the nozzles you want readily available and replaceable?

I have three spots for different nozzles on my new sprayer. I want burn-off, in-crop and fungicide; what three should I have (5-15gal/acre)?

In this video, Tom Wolf discusses the attributes of some of the best of Canada’s spray nozzles, providing a visual demonstration of their differences, and thoughts on nozzle selection for pre-seed, in-crop and fungicide spray applications