Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.10): Airblast Coverage

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Here in Episode 10 of Exploding Sprayer Myths we’ve coaxed @Nozzle_Guy back into the orchard. This is part two of a two-part mini series on airblast calibration. In Episode 9 we talked about air settings and travel speed, and now we’re tackling nozzling and coverage.

But here’s the twist: Rather than use spray math to determine the required nozzles to achieve ideal coverage, we do it backwards. This process uses ideal coverage to determine nozzles and finishes with sprayer math.

Confused? Watch the video and this surprisingly simple and versatile approach will become clear. See if you catch the subtle visual joke about “coverage” realize that to pull this off, we had to film it backwards.

Special thanks to the @RealAgriculture team, the Simcoe Research Station and Don Murdoch.