Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.11): Drift

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This video won the Gold 2019 Canadian Farm Writers Federation’s Jack McPherson Award for Electronic Media. This award is for the best video, news story or feature broadcast by a Canadian medium less than 15 minutes in length on an agricultural topic. We’d like to thank Jason Strove, Bern Tobin and the whole team at RealAgriculture for helping to bring Exploding Sprayer Myths to life.

Welcome to season four of Exploding Sprayer Myths, featuring a new opening sequence and a special guest star. Have fun accidentally learning about reducing pesticide drift as we poke fun at Canadian and Australian stereotypes. If you’re unfamiliar with the McKenzie Brothers and the Great-White North, then be sure to educate yourself here before you take off, eh?


Thanks to Mary O’Brien (@SprayDriftGirl) and the Simcoe Research Station.