Micron Woman – Guide to the World of Spray Droplets

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You just finished a great spray day. Everything felt right! Your timing and product choice were bang-on, the weather was good, and your sprayer was calibrated. But, do you know what happened to the spray once it left the nozzle?

The behavior of spray droplets, and how they interact with the target, can be tough concepts to teach. Ironically, the big problem is how tiny everything is.

What if you could see what was happening from the droplet’s perspective?
Join Jason and Tom as a lab accident during a solar eclipse brings them face to face with a mighty new heroine:

Micron Woman!

If you enjoyed the video, it’s not over yet! We’ve printed actual comic books as fun and useful resources for anyone that wants a copy. We’ll distribute what we have to interested parties at conferences (just ask!). If you teach adults or children about agriculture, and you’re interested in copies, let us know and we’ll see what we can arrange.

You can see and download the comic book here:

Thanks to everyone that helped bring Micron Woman to life!
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