The Buzzword Conversation

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Dr. Jason Deveau (@spray_guy) has been the OMAFRA Application Technology Specialist since '08. He researches and teaches methods to improve the safe, effective and efficient application of agricultural sprays in specialty crops, field crops and controlled environments. He is the co-administrator of Sprayers101, co-author of the Airblast101 Textbook, a slow cyclist and an even slower runner.

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Buzzwords: Addictive vocabulary with a shelf life.
We love these terms, and they seem to make their way into our language virtually overnight. But perhaps it’s gone too far…

“At the end of the day”, what do these buzzword-laden conversations mean?
Do our “stakeholders” even know what we’re talking about?
Unfortunately, buzzwords are “the new normal.” And that means we have to “drill down” a bit to find the “actionable items”.

Watch as Jason and Tom raise this to a whole new level… and believe it or not, this really is a conversation about sprayers.