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What’s with dew? – Tips #9

When warm air is cooled, it loses some of its moisture-holding capabilities. This change often occurs at night, when plants (and other objects) cool. Once the temperature of the surface of the leaves, for example, drops below the dewpoint, it causes water to condense, ...Read More

Oh the Places You’ll Spray

In the home farm’s west field,where the soybeans won’t grow,and the wind blows the soil from deep tillage you know,and no pollinators come, excepting old crowsis the patch of resistant pigweed. And downhill in the boundary, some neighbours say, if you look close enough ...Read More

Larry the Low-Drift Nozzle

(Sung to the tune of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”) You know Flat Fan and Flood Jet and Pulse Width and Wilger,Hypro and Greenleaf and TeeJet and Lechler.But do you recallThe most famous nozzle of all? Larry the low-drift nozzle Had a very “big-drop” ...Read More

TechTour Live 2018

How do you promote a Real Agriculture TechTour Live event when the co-presenters are separated by a province? Like this! It’s going to be an educational and entertaining event! Interested? You can get tickets HERE. ...Read More