Nozzle Sizing and Calibration Charts

Application Chart (metric)

Need to find the right nozzle size for your application?  Sometimes a simple chart is the easiest way to figure things out.  Print it and place it in your sprayer cab. In this chart, identify your water volume along the top row, and follow the column until you encounter the travel speeds you’re interested in. […]

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Airblast Pressure Gauge Accuracy

Two gauges keep each other honest – this GB (Italian-made Good Boy) is sporting a home-made assembly that cost ~$50 to assemble, including the second gauge. The silver spray paint on the black pipe prevents rust and makes it look pretty darn sharp.

Many operators use budget pressure gauges on their sprayers and have never changed them or tested their accuracy. This makes assessing sprayer performance and output difficult. Sprayer performance has a direct impact on coverage, efficiency, and efficacy because a faulty gauge may cause you to spray more or less product than you intended; read more […]

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