Plumbing Projects That Make Spraying Easier and Safer

Some of our biggest struggles in spraying involve the start and end of each spray day. When starting a new field after the sprayer is cleaned, we need to prime the boom. If it’s full of water, that water has to be purged and the question is always for how long and where to do […]

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My Sprayer Santa Wish List

Dear Sprayer Santa, “I tried to be good this year.  It was hard, though.  Yes, I know that fast driving causes drift and lots of other problems.  But I couldn’t help it – the 375 horses under the hood needed the exercise.  I honestly didn’t mean it.  I’d have stopped had the air-ride not cushioned […]

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Cleaning Your Sprayer

Sprayer Cleaning

We all know the importance of cleaning out a sprayer. It protects a sensitive crop. It protects people working with the sprayer. It protects the sprayer and its components. But cleaning the sprayer is a pain. Here are some tips to make it easier. Some herbicide label instructions are cumbersome, requiring many flushes with full […]

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