OrchardMAX won the 2016 Canadian Agri-Marketing Association’s “Certificate of Merit” in the Mobile Apps Category. What is OrchardMAX? OrchardMAX is a free app developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to improve sprayer efficiency and effectiveness in apple orchards. The app is based on the Crop-Adapted Spraying (CAS) model, which was tested in semi-dwarf and high-density […]

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Strategies to Spray the Top of a Canopy

The original Munckhof deflectors were reversed, and a larger set of extensions were fabricated and attached.

Orchardists, nurserymen and hop growers share something in common – they want to get spray to the top of a tall plant canopy with as little waste as possible. The tops of trees, for example, are a primary site of infection as they filter spores from the air, so fungicide coverage is critical. Spraying the […]

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