“What is spray drift?” & “Equipment and methods to reduce spray drift”

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CropLife Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs partnered in 2012 to develop two educational videos on pesticide application best management practices in an effort to educate, and hopefully to reduce the incidents of spray drift.

The first video, ‘What is Spray Drift?’, highlights the various causes of spray drift. The second video, ‘Equipment and Methods to Reduce Spray Drift’, focuses on how applicators can modify equipment to reduce spray drift.

Watch drift happening during night spraying under high powered lights, see air induction nozzles prevent drift on a boom sprayer and learn about how spray particles behave from unique computer-animated segments. Also, enjoy the “rock-and-roll” soundtrack. You can’t image how difficult it was to get permission to use rock music in a gov’t-produced video 😉 .