Thrips Control in Cut Flowers – A Good Try

In August, 2016, we were contacted by a cut-flower grower specializing in Dahlias. There are photos in this article, but they don’t do justice to this beautiful perennial flower. Imagine a chrysanthemum crossed with a zinnia: lots of tight petals in the bloom. Unfortunately, they’re a perfect place for insects to hide. Those that buy […]

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Stop and Spray the Roses – More Efficiently!

Spraying roses.

Article co-written with Jennifer Llewellyn, OMAFRA Nursery Crops Specialist. Nursery growers apply pesticides to a diverse range of plant species. In a perfect world, sprayer operators would adjust their sprayer set-up to match each crop. Adjustments in product rate and spray distribution should reflect the plant size, row spacing and developmental stage of the crop and pest. […]

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