Airblast maintenance inspection – the morning walkaround

Adjusting the nozzles on a fishtail-style nursery sprayer.

An airblast sprayer inspection is part of preventative maintenance. This daily activity identifies small problems before they become big ones. You can do it at the filling station, so it’s fairly convenient. Don’t think of it as stealing time from your spray day… it’s part of your spray day. Don’t skip it. If time is […]

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Plumbing Projects That Make Spraying Easier and Safer

Some of our biggest struggles in spraying involve the start and end of each spray day. When starting a new field after the sprayer is cleaned, we need to prime the boom. If it’s full of water, that water has to be purged and the question is always for how long and where to do […]

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Hydraulic Fittings: A Galling Metallurgical State of Affairs

So it’s been a long spraying season and as you perform your annual maintenance you grudgingly admit that the hoses have given their all. Before you run out to get more of the same, give some thought to the hydraulic fittings (i.e. hose adaptors and couplers). Many feel that stainless steel (SS) is the best […]

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The 2015 in Review: 8 Points Evaluation of Your Spray Program – Tips with Tom #12

Tips with Tom - Title

During post-harvest down-time, it’s important to take a much needed breather.Then, before you know it’ll be time to start the shop projects and equipment maintenance for next year, if you haven’t started already. Before you get started, though, Tom Wolf has a handy list of things to evaluate, clean up, fix or replace on the […]

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Airblast Pressure Gauge Accuracy

Two gauges keep each other honest – this GB (Italian-made Good Boy) is sporting a home-made assembly that cost ~$50 to assemble, including the second gauge. The silver spray paint on the black pipe prevents rust and makes it look pretty darn sharp.

Many operators use budget pressure gauges on their sprayers and have never changed them or tested their accuracy. This makes assessing sprayer performance and output difficult. Sprayer performance has a direct impact on coverage, efficiency, and efficacy because a faulty gauge may cause you to spray more or less product than you intended; read more […]

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