Tank mix compatibility

This article was co-written with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops In Canada, users of commercial class pest control products for crop protection or vegetation management are permitted to apply unlabeled tank mixes of registered pest control products as long as: Each partner is registered for use on the crop. The tank […]

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Sprayer loading and the jar test

Adding pouches to the basket. Photo Credit – M. Lanthier, British Columbia.

This article was co-written with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops The time and attention spent during sprayer loading is a worthy investment. It ensures that the products in the tank perform as intended and reduces the chance of physical incompatibilities. The label Pesticide labels are always the first point of reference. […]

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Biobeds for Pesticide Waste Disposal

One of the most challenging aspects of a spray operation is the disposal of leftovers or rinsate containing pesticides. Let’s be honest, too much of it is drained onto the ground in a corner of the yard or the field. Nobody’s happy about that, nobody’s proud of it, but what are the alternatives? Waste disposal […]

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Circulating Spray Mix Through a Tank-Rinse Nozzle Maintains Nematode Concentration

(A) Tank-rinse assembly mounted through tank lid with a flow-regulating valve. (B) Close up of tank-rinse nozzle.

This article was co-written with Jennifer Llewellyn, OMAFRA Nursery Crop Specialist Many horticultural commodities, such as turfgrass and nursery crops, include the application of live nematodes as part of their annual IPM program. In 2013 we performed preliminary research into the claim that a grower’s nematode applications were becoming less effective. In the course of […]

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Tank Rinse Dilution

If you have a limited amount of clean water to rinse your sprayer, this app can help you decide how to make the best use of it.  Simple enter two values – the amount of pesticide remaining in your tank sump (including the suction line to the pump and the return line to the tank), […]

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