Sprayer loading and the jar test

Adding pouches to the basket. Photo Credit – M. Lanthier, British Columbia.

This article was co-written with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Field Crops The time and attention spent during sprayer loading is a worthy investment. It ensures that the products in the tank perform as intended and reduces the chance of physical incompatibilities. The label Pesticide labels are always the first point of reference. […]

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Spray Tank Rinsing Procedures – Environmental Farm Plan Video

Cleaning your sprayer should be part of your spray day, every day. We filmed this video for the Environmental Farm Plan with the nice people at Clean Field Services in Dresden, Ontario. Hardly the height of our acting careers, but good messaging nonetheless.   […]

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Choosing a New Tank, Burn-off Tank Mixes & Nozzle Swapping – Tips with Tom #11

Tips with Tom - Title

How often do you test spray-water quality and what do you do if you’ve got hard water? If you’re looking to replace your spray tank, is stainless still the way to go? What about double nozzles — are they really the bees knees? The questions surrounding these aspects of spraying come up very often. Tom […]

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Sprayer Tank Cleanout

With in-crop spraying right around the corner, sprayer tank clean out is an important topic to address on your farm. Many farms have done the same clean-out routine for years and not had any issues with contaminating residues in the tank resulting in crop damage. Although the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix […]

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